Joining Bio/med investor network

Bio/Med Investor Network is a community-supported angel network that is comprised of high net-worth accredited investors who have joined together to evaluate and make individual investments in early-stage biosciences and certain other healthcare companies.   

Qualifying individuals are invited to consider becoming a Bio/Med member. Membership is at the discretion of and is subject to annual renewal, non-renewal, revocation, or termination by the Bio/Med Executive Committee.

New members must be sponsored by a current Bio/Med Network member.

Benefits of Membership

  • Investor Meetings: For 2017, four Investor Meetings, with presentations from two-to-four pre-screened companies for members’ investment consideration. Afterward, there will be time for discussion of members’ observations and analysis. 
  • Access to “Members Only” content provided by Angel Capital Association and ProSeeder, which includes:
    • Access to all deal flow through online ProSeeder database.
    • Copies of all presentations and materials provided at meetings.
    • Members’ online forums to confidentially discuss or comment on business plans, companies, and general angel investing topics with other members.
    • Best-practice sharing of investment tips and documents. 
  • Educational programs in terms sheets, balanced investment portfolios, case studies, due diligence, and other topics in angel investing.
  • Opportunity to interact with other angel investors and meet individuals experienced in working with young companies. 

Click here to apply to join.