George Painter, PhD
Chief Executive Officer, Drug Innovation Ventures, Emory University

George Painter has twenty-four years of experience in the discovery and development of pharmaceutical agents, and most recently held the position of Executive Vice President, Research and Development at Triangle Pharmaceuticals where he was a member of the founding management team.  In addition to his management experience at Triangle Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Painter held positions at Burroughs Wellcome Co. beginning in 1983 including Director of Chemistry and Director of Virology.  Subsequently, he served as Director of Research Process and International Deputy Therapeutic Head for Antiviral Research at Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

Dr. Painter is a co-invenotr of over forty-five patents, six of which have led to approved commercially available drugs or combinations of drugs for the treatment of HIV and hepatitis B.  He has led international teams, which generated data for nine investigational new drug applications and three new drug applicants.     Dr. Painter earned a BS in chemistry, an MS in physical organic chemistry and a PhD in synthetic chemistry from Emory University.